Food & Culture

Food is one of the necessities of live to survive. It is fuel to our bodies and cornerstone to our cultures. Therefore food is much more than just a functional tool, but serves to bring us pleasure, social cohesion and a sense of belonging.

It is embedded in every culture, small as it might be.  All these cultures have their own traditions prescribing how to choose products, prepare, serve and eat food. In every country or even region you can find locals interacting in their own special way with their food. They will have their own characteristic recipes, passed on from grandma to granddaughter and further, local products typical for a region, and food traditions special to their culture.

So in the end, the way I see it, it is all about food! My name is Floor and I am curious to find out more about your relation with food.

I wish to travel as much as possible, and encounter, unravel and describe all food adventures that pass my path. On Food for Wood and Coop you will find my take on recipes worth a mention, the stories behind products special to a region and insights about my travels and the food traditions locals were willing to share!

Feel free to contact me for questions, proposals or other feedback!