The anticipation of traveling

Half the fun of traveling is the anticipation of traveling. Deciding where to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to do gets me more than excited. Vacation after vacation I spent hours and hours in advance searching magazines, Google, Twitter, Tripadvisor, AFAR, blogs and anything else I can find out to make sure that this vacation will be the greatest off ’em all. I attempt to find the best places off the beaten path; the little restaurant only locals go to and the small castle no one really knows off.

This years vacation is no different. We’re going to Portugal and Spain, starting in Lisbon and passing Porto and Guarda on the way to our final destination, Madrid. Since we’ re visiting friends in Madrid there is no pressure to find the best local spots there, trusting they will guide us, but the other destinations required and still require some preparation time. Therefore I would like to present you some of the marvelous ideas the internet has already brought me and that have so far made the program, and kindly request you to share all other ‘ ins’  and ‘ outs’  I can’t go without visiting those pretty cities!


Food – Taberna Ideal, Rua da Esperança, 112-114 Lisboa
Food – El Gordo Tapas, Rua São Boaventura 16 Lisboa
Food – Cais do Sodré rivermarket

Drinks – Pensão Amor, Rua do Alecrim, 19, 1200-292 Lisboa
Drinks – Roof terrace of the Bairo Alto hotel, Praca Luis de Camões 2, Lisboa
Drinks – Tasco do Chico, Rua do Diário de Notícias – Bairro Alto, Lisboa

Seeing – Tram 28 passing by all
Seeing – El Corte Inglés 
Avenida Antonio Augusto de Aguiar, 31


Food – Casa Santo Antonio,  Rua S. Bento da Vitória nº80, 4050 Porto, Portugal
Food – Mercado do Bolhão, Rua Fernandes Tomás

Drinks – Galeria de Paris,  Rua da Galeria de Paris, 56, 4050 Porto
Drinks – Café Majestic Rua Santa Catarina 112 Porto

Seeing – Livraria Lello – Prólogo Livreiros, S.A. Rua das Carmelitas 144
Seeing – Porto Cathedral Terreiro da Sé

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